Learn More About the QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System

How do you clean your phaco handpieces? If your answer is anything other than the QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System than you are missing out! Cleaning by hand takes a long time and causes fatigue. If your office is like most, no one has the time to spare. Not to mention, you may run out of the disposable syringes that you need to get every nook and cranny clean. Using a phaco handpiece that isn’t totally disinfected and spotless is, of course, not an option either. Instead of struggling any longer, make today the day you finally look into ordering a QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System for your dental office.

Made and shipped to you by Advanced Optisurgical Inc., it provides consistent rinsing pressure and volume regardless of the operator. Using the QuickRinse® frees up your hands to perform other tasks, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of your reprocessing department. Say goodbye to the hand fatigue and time wasted associated with cleaning your phaco handpieces with a syringe!

The QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System has several features you should know about:

Push Button Controls
Multiple Operational Modes
Timed “Auto” Cycle (30 seconds)
Small Size for Easy Storage
Foot Pedal (Optional)
Quick-Disconnect Fittings
Storage Trays
Colored Tubing

The simple user interface consists of only two buttons located on the front panel and the colored tubing ensures there’s never any mixups. It simply could not be any easier to get your phaco handpieces clean! You can order this system, as well as any other needed accessories and pieces to go along with it, directly through Advanced Optisurgical Inc.’s website.

You have no doubt heard of Advanced Optisurgical because we have made a name for ourselves selling new and refurbished handpieces. It is true that we do this better than anyone else in the marketplace today! It’s not all we do, though. Our QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep these handpieces clean. Why not get everything you need from the same trusted company? Order your needed supplies today, or if you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, you can also call our main office toll free at (800) 576-1266.

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