The Importance of Cleaning Your Phaco Handpieces and Accessories with QuickRinseⓇ Equipment

If you use Phaco handpieces in your medical facility, you should already know the responsibility you have toward its cleanliness. The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) developed consensus documents regarding the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization procedures of surgical instruments employed in healthcare facilities. These recommendations include:

  • Adequate time must be allowed for processing instruments according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, the cleaning and sterilization of the instruments will be ineffective.
  • Whenever possible, intraocular surgical instruments should be processed separately from general surgical instruments and equipment in order to reduce the potential for cross-contamination by material or residue from the general surgical instruments.
  • Instruments should be pre-cleaned immediately following use.
  • Gross debris should be removed, and instrument lumens should be flushed with sterile distilled water or another suitable agent as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Use only those cleaning agents that have been recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the specified concentration of cleaning agent and to the recommended water quality.
  • Final rinsing of the instrument should be performed with sterile, distilled, or deionized water, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.
  • The water used to clean or rinse instruments should be discarded after each use.
  • Cleaning and sterilization equipment should be properly maintained. Otherwise, foreign materials such as endotoxins or heavy metals may be deposited onto the instruments during processing and induce TASS.

It can be quite difficult to stay in line with these recommendations if you aren’t using the proper rinsing equipment. The QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System, from Advanced Optisurgical Inc., will aid in this. Far superior to a disposable syringe, the QuickRinse® provides consistent rinsing pressure and volume regardless of the operator. You will not have to suffer with the hand fatigue issues associated with repetitive syringe use any longer! Also, using the QuickRinse® allows your hands to be free so you can perform other tasks, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of your reprocessing department. Call us now at (800) 576-1266 or email to find out more. Your Los Angeles, California medical facility can be much cleaner, with less effort, very soon.

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