Rinse your Phaco Handpiece with the QuickRinse®

Every phaco handpiece needs to be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed after each surgical procedure. Rinsing your phaco handpiece with a disposable syringe is time-consuming and prone to human error.

To maximize efficiency and give you peace of mind we offer the QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System. The QuickRinse® harnesses the power of pressurized water and air to rinse lumened instruments such as phaco handpieces, vitrectomy cutters, and I/A handles, as well as tubing and infusion sleeves. Unlike with a syringe, the compact system provides consistent rinsing power regardless of the operator. And with an automated, timed cycle, you know the requisite amount of fluid and air is being delivered to the connected instrument or tubing.

Benefits of Using the QuickRinse® to Clean your Phaco Handpiece

  • Easily meets phaco handpiece manufacturer rinsing requirements for fluid and air volume
  • Provides consistent rinsing pressure regardless of the operator
  • Eliminates hand fatigue caused by repetitive syringe use
  • Can also be used on I/A handles, vit cutters, cannulas, tubing, and other instruments that have lumen

QuickRinse® System Includes Everything You Need to Start Rinsing Your Instruments and Tubing Today:

  • Console
  • Complete bottle assembly
  • Nose cone rinse attachment
  • Dual rinse “Y” attachment
  • Power cord
  • Power supply
  • Accessory fittings
  • Nylon brush
  • Spare bottle cap gaskets
  • Spare quick-disconnect o-rings
  • Operator’s Manual

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Foot Pedal

  • 750-2051-001
  • 750-2009-001 (for Quickrinses purchased after April 2016)

Poly Bottle

  • 750-3001-001

Complete Bottle Assembly

  • 750-3010-001 – (Bottle, Bottle Cap, Air Supply Tubing, Air/Fluid Tubing)

Bottle Cap with Tubing

  • 750-3011-001 – (Bottle Cap, Air Supply Tubing, Air/Fluid Tubing)

Air Supply Tubing

  • 750-3013-001

Air/Fluid Tubing

  • 750-3014-001

Bottle Cap with Fittings

  • 750-3015-001

Instrument Interface Tubing (bag/4)

  • 750-4000-004

Dual Rinse “Y” Attachment

  • 750-4001-001

Accessory Fittings

  • 750-7000-001

Female Luer Adapters (bag/10)

  • 425-4003-010

Male Luer Adapters (bag/10)

  • 425-4004-010

Nose Cone Rinse Attachment

  • 750-7004-001

Nylon Brush

  • 750-6019-001

Power Cord, 120V USA

  • 430-4023-001

Power Supply, 12V Universal

  • 750-1100-001

Spare Bottle Cap Gaskets (bag/4)

  • 750-3008-004

Spare Quick Disconnect O-Rings

  • 750-7000-002 (for Air/Fluid Tubing)