QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System


The QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System from Advanced Optisurgical Inc. is used to rinse instruments with lumen and tubing. Superior to a disposable syringe, the QuickRinse® provides consistent rinsing pressure and volume regardless of the operator, and eliminates hand fatigue issues associated with
repetitive syringe use. Using the QuickRinse® frees up your hands to perform other tasks, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of your reprocessing department.


Pushbutton Controls: Simple user interface consists of only two buttons located on the front panel

Multiple Operational Modes: Timed “auto” cycle (30 seconds) or manual control over cycle time

Utility Requirements: A standard 100-120VAC wall outlet is all that is needed

Small Footprint: Fits easily in your workspace

Foot Pedal (Optional): Offers hands-free operation (convenient for rinsing certain instruments and tube sets)

Quick-Disconnect Fittings: Enable rapid refilling of the bottle

Storage Trays: Provide convenient location for nylon brush and accessory fittings

Colored Tubing: Aids in proper identification of tubing sets

Accessory Fittings and Attachments: Ensure a compatible connection between the QuickRinse® and your instrument or tube set

Available Separately:

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Available Separately:

Foot Pedal

  • 750-2051-001
  • 750-2009-001 (for Quickrinses purchased after April 2016)

Poly Bottle

  • 750-3001-001

Complete Bottle Assembly

  • 750-3010-001 – (Bottle, Bottle Cap, Air Supply Tubing, Air/Fluid Tubing)

Bottle Cap with Tubing

  • 750-3011-001 – (Bottle Cap, Air Supply Tubing, Air/Fluid Tubing)

Air Supply Tubing

  • 750-3013-001

Air/Fluid Tubing

  • 750-3014-001

Bottle Cap with Fittings

  • 750-3015-001

Instrument Interface Tubing (bag/4)

  • 750-4000-004

Dual Rinse “Y” Attachment

  • 750-4001-001

Accessory Fittings

  • 750-7000-001

Female Luer Adapters (bag/10)

  • 425-4003-010

Male Luer Adapters (bag/10)

  • 425-4004-010

Nose Cone Rinse Attachment

  • 750-7004-001

Rinse Attachment for Centurion/Stellaris

  • 750-5001-001

Nylon Brush

  • 750-6019-001

Power Cord, 120V USA

  • 430-4023-001

Power Supply, 12V Universal

  • 750-1100-001

Spare Bottle Cap Gaskets (bag/4)

  • 750-3008-004

Spare Quick Disconnect O-Rings

  • 750-7000-002 (for Air/Fluid Tubing)