Is it Time to Replace Your Phaco Handpiece?

If your Phaco handpiece is more than three years old, it is definitely time to consider your options. No one likes the idea of paying a lot of money for a brand new handpiece, but sooner or later your handpiece will reach the end of its useful life. However, purchasing a brand new handpiece is not your only option. Instead, you can have yours repaired by the professionals at Advanced Optisurgical Inc. and extend its useful life.

Drawing on nearly 20 years experience as an FDA-registered and ISO-certified manufacturer of Phaco systems and accessories, we have successfully repaired thousands of Phaco handpieces. Our evaluations are free of charge, and no work begins until we receive your approval to move forward. We use OEM specifications and part suppliers wherever possible. After repair, each handpiece receives comprehensive performance and functional testing on factory equipment, including sterilization testing. All repairs come with a 6-month warranty covering materials and workmanship. A 72-hour turnaround time is guaranteed, so contact us at (800) 576-1266 today and extend the useful life of your Phaco handpiece.

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