Alcon Centurion Ozil

Alcon Centurion Ozil Phaco Handpiece

Our company has been repairing the Centurion Ozil® handpiece since 2017. AOI repairs only phaco handpieces, not an assortment of devices, so we are truly experts! We repair most major US brand handpieces, even several older models. Evaluations are free, and no work begins without your approval. Your handpiece will be returned in like-new condition, quickly, keeping your surgeries on schedule. A six-month warranty covering materials and workmanship comes standard.

Our repairs include the following:

  • Free Comprehensive Evaluation
  • NEW Piezo-Electric Crystals
  • NEW Electrodes and Shims
  • NEW Seals Throughout
  • NEW Connector
  • NEW Cable and Strain Reliefs
  • Refinished Handpiece Case
  • Comprehensive Functional and Performance Testing
  • Standard 6-Month Warranty

Call Today For More Information (949) 580-1266 or (800) 576-1266.

Volume repair discounts are available.

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