5 Tips to Keep your Phaco Handpiece Neat

As your Phaco handpieces ages, it is very important to take care of it in order to keep it working properly for as long as possible. No one likes the idea of paying a lot of money for a brand new handpiece, so this is the best way to avoid expensive replacements. Sooner or later your handpiece will reach the end of its useful life, but that will be long into the future if you keep up with its cleaning and maintenance, as laid out by the manufacturer:

  • Avoid flash sterilization. Do not rapidly cool the handpiece by immersing in cold bath or a cold wrap. This can damage the crystals and void the warranty.
  • Have an adequate number of handpieces so each one is not overused.
  • Use a separate sterilization tray for Phaco handpieces instead of putting in eye instrument set or sterilization pouch.
  • Remove Phaco tip before sterilization. Do not try to remove the Phaco tip with anything other than the appropriate manufacturer’s supplied tip wrench.
  • Clean and flush thoroughly after each use.

Your Phaco handpiece is a delicate surgical instrument containing piezoelectric crystals. Proper care and handling will extend the useful life of the handpiece.

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